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Alexandra Morris

Photography is not just the creation of an aesthetically pleasing image, but the ability to look at life differently and to contemplate the elements unseen to the naked eye.  The true magic of the medium is in its power to make beauty visible, where at first glance there is sadness or discomfort: to elevate sight beyond the vibrancy of colors or the superficial allure of a scene.  It arouses contemplation of circumstance, catalyst, and outcome – all that is unbeknownst of the subject but begs exploration and further discovery.  A photograph is most potent and intriguing when it successfully captures the fundamental core and essence of its subject; when there is no guard up, mask on, or any veil that diverts attention from the subject’s raw and truest nature.  The ‘candid’ shot is not about taking people unaware or when they are most vulnerable.  Rather, it is about the photographer becoming vulnerable to the subject, hypnotized by and involved in, the existence and reality of the other – it is the photographer becoming the subject for a fleeting moment during the shutter’s release.


A Colorado Native, Alexandra has lived in Florence, Italy for the past fifteen years.  While she uses digital for her clients, she still practices the art of medium and large format film cameras.  

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